Thursday, January 1, 2015


I'm a sucker for a good New Year's Resolution.

I'm also a sucker for a new goal. 100 Push Ups A Day! Sure, why not? Planksgiving? Bring it on! How hard can it be to do a little something each and every day? Run streaks are a particular weakness. Run streaks sound so easy. Just run at least one mile every day, no matter what. I've never been able to keep up a streak for fear of being sidelined with an injury, but it sounds totally badass. Like those people who just happen to start a run streak around Thanksgiving, and then never stop for like ten years. They're badass rockstars.

So a few days ago I learned I had eleven more miles to run to reach a nice round number for the year. Since I'm a numbers gal, this made me happy because I like nice round numbers, especially those ending in 00. This meant I'd have to run about 3.5 miles for each of the next three days to reach that number. Nothing like setting a last minute goal, huh?

As I was running yesterday, I thought about how easy this particular little goal will be to accomplish. I planned when and where I was going to run, and I was able to get those runs done. And here I am, on the first day of the new year, knowing that I've run this number of miles over the entire course of the year.

Running is such a bitch, isn't she? On really good runs, Running says "You, my dear, are an awesome runner. You can propel yourself through the universe in a way like no other!" You then proceed to buy a lot of running-related stuff to support your love of Running, because, Yay Running! Then on a morning when you don't feel like running, Running says, "Honey, it's ok if you don't run today, you'll get out tomorrow. You deserve a break today! Sweetheart, you don't get paid for this. Sometimes, life gets in the way. I understand." Running is understanding! Running knows how busy I am! Running is the best, isn't she?

I'm telling you, Running is a persuasive bitch. One non-running day can easily turn into more non-running days than you're comfortable with. Then Running is like, "You need to run, you lazy, lumpy protoplasmic blob!" "But, you said it was ok not to run, Running! You said, 'Life gets in the way sometimes', remember?" And then Running just smiles, and you know that smile. And you run.

I did reach my last-minute, mini mileage goal for the year. I was able to get those 11 miles in, and then some, with no problem. Now, here we are, in a new year, ripe with the possibilities of so many huge resolutions to make. I'm taking a different stance. I'm going to think about small changes, like those 11 miles, that are easy and doable. Think small, not big. If you do that, by the end of the year, I promise you, you will have reached your huge goal.

So what are your goals?

Do you think Running is a bitch?

Happy New Year!